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Endodontics encompasses the study of the basic and clinical sciences of the normal dental pulp, the etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp along with associated periradicular conditions.

Root canals are necessary when a cavity that has been left untreated becomes larger. Once the cavity reaches the pulp of the tooth, an infection forms at the base of the root canal, causing an abscess. This abscess is generally painful and will need to be removed. Here in Dazzle Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we make our best to preserve part or all of the dental pulp in health or removing all of the pulp in irreversible disease.

The services offered in Dazzle Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry Center, include:

- Root Canal Treatment
- Endodontic Retreatment
- Endodontic Surgery
- Traumatic Dental Injuries
- Vital Pulp Therapy
- Regenerative Pulp Therapy
- Non-vital Tooth Bleaching